Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yoga Day

Every couple of months I host a morning of Intensive Yoga - which is a 2 1/2 hour class going deeper into the asanas and pranayama, and also a longer yoga nidra (relaxation). This is a chance to let go enough to experience postures that you may never have achieved before. Usually we have a theme for example: "Opening the Heart", etc but this next one on Saturday, 10 October is "Whole Body/Mind Experience". After the bliss of the class, there is a chance to have tea and a muffin with other participants, and continue the 'vibe' with like-minded people.

This time we (Martin & I) will follow with a workshop on Ayurveda in the afternoon - learn a bit about your body/mind type and how to achieve well-being by making simple life-style and dietry changes. Living in harmony with nature and knowing your specific body/mind type makes it so much easier.

Join us for either or both workshops by contacting us.

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