Friday, January 21, 2011

The Falcon

Yesterday (14 Jan 2011) a Peregrine Falcon flew into our plate glass window. By the time we reached him he was lying on his back, wings sprawled, feet curled up, eyes closed and not breathing. I detected a very feint heart-beat that was dwindling fast. I turned him over - his little head lolling to the side, wrapped my hands around him and 'sent' healing energy into his body, with my son assisting and unbeknown to me doing the same. The heart beat became stronger and eventually was pounding in his chest as he briefly opened his eyes and was horrified by these 2 humans glaring and holding him. A little water laced with Rescue Remedy dropped into his beak, and more healing as I used surrogate EFT tapping with his fear, injuries, and 'concussion'.

He again opened his eyes this time the pupil dilated then some sort of focus seemed to happen, it was time to stand back from this strong beak and sharp powerful talons.....wings gave a half-hearted flap and he moved 4 inches, to get away from us. We stood back, giving him his space. Another minute or so and another more vigorous flutter, this time he moved and few feet away, and I was scared he would accidently fly into the pool. So we closed in on him again and 'guided him' towards a safer garden area, only a few feet away. He sat for a few more minutes with wings spread open in the sunlight. Still tapping I could see him looking back at us. Then enough eneegy to fly ... hovering just over the pool, didn't think he would make it but he did and landed on the wall of the pool... that was close. Martin said to tap for the fear of flying after he had sat there for a long time, this I did and continued tapping for the trauma, the fear it may happen again, the hurt, and soreness, feeling stupid for not seeing the glass, etc. He turned and stared straight into my eyes, looking alert, and in one swoop flew up, circled over the pool and through the gap of the trees and away he went!

All three of us felt honoured to have been part of this magnificent bird's healing .....

What a lesson this falcon gives... (from Animal Totems: Dictionary of Birds)
Falcon represents: Power of insight, agility, discernment and how to attach opportunities in life, discern when and how to strike when needed. Falcon teaches swiftness with control and exactness in movement. Timing is everything for falcon. Is it time to take chances? He will teach timing in your spiritual and physical life. Falcon will teach to see your environment with mental and spiritual clarity.