Monday, December 13, 2010

End of another year

Well, tomorrow is the last yoga class for this year. It has been a good year, new people joining the yoga classes and the dedicated students continuing on with enthusiasm. Workshops were full and feedback from them was so great. Everyone wants more of those, where we go deeper into different postures and other aspects of yoga. I know that I will thoroughly enjoy teaching them again as I love it when others are keen to learn more about yoga.

So now planning for next year will go full-steam ahead while on vacation/retreat in the country. Definately going to do another Yoga Teacher training - so many applications from both within South Africa and far away places all over the globe- and with my blood-iron levels normalising, maybe this year I will have the strength to teach it again. It is a wonderfully powerful course and most attendees have a life-changing experience. Always makes me so proud to see how they come in as 'green' yoga practitioners and leave confident & capable to share the yoga teachings with others. They learn so much more than just teaching asanas, they learn a new way of living - the yoga life-style. This is it - live your yoga - it is part of all aspects of everyday life, not only a practice on the mat!

So here's to a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2011....