Monday, December 13, 2010

End of another year

Well, tomorrow is the last yoga class for this year. It has been a good year, new people joining the yoga classes and the dedicated students continuing on with enthusiasm. Workshops were full and feedback from them was so great. Everyone wants more of those, where we go deeper into different postures and other aspects of yoga. I know that I will thoroughly enjoy teaching them again as I love it when others are keen to learn more about yoga.

So now planning for next year will go full-steam ahead while on vacation/retreat in the country. Definately going to do another Yoga Teacher training - so many applications from both within South Africa and far away places all over the globe- and with my blood-iron levels normalising, maybe this year I will have the strength to teach it again. It is a wonderfully powerful course and most attendees have a life-changing experience. Always makes me so proud to see how they come in as 'green' yoga practitioners and leave confident & capable to share the yoga teachings with others. They learn so much more than just teaching asanas, they learn a new way of living - the yoga life-style. This is it - live your yoga - it is part of all aspects of everyday life, not only a practice on the mat!

So here's to a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2011....

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Year Yoga Retreat

Hi Everyone,
We are going to run a relaxing, beautiful retreat 4 -8 Jan 2011, to start the year on a more spiritual note. Please, forward this on to anyone who may be interested!

Please note: If a non-yoga practising spouse/other wants to join you - they are quite welcome. There is a pool, sauna, games room with TV, etc available for them to relax and enjoy while you're yoga-ing. This is a retreat so nothing is compulsory, however they may join in with anything (maybe a time to be introduced to yoga??)

This will be a luxurious retreat with good food, beautiful sunsets, mountain walks, swimming, yoga-related activities and of course, meditation and yoga.
See advert below and have a look at the web page referred to (costs, dates...).

PS we are only taking 15 people - so book soon!
4-8 January 2011 - a 4-day Yoga Retreat
in the most beautiful part of South Africa, Stellenbosch

* Consider having a spiritual New Year and set the tone for 2011.
* Spend time rejuvenating and re-energising yourself.
* Deepen your yoga practise and re-discover your peaceful centre within.

This New Year Yoga Retreat may be exactly what you need.

This retreat is designed to deepen your yoga practice, re-connect with nature, have some quiet time and enjoy the company of like-minded people.
Run by: Anne & Martin Combrinck (together 38 years experience)
from: Ananda Sanga Yoga Centre
Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 855-1470

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Vegetarians

Long time – no blog! Well I was surprised, with a heavenly holiday away….. but possibly the main reason is exhaustion, all the time, everyday. Not pleasant. Also an array of other symptoms which shall be covered below.

A trip to the local Integrative Medicine doctor and a whole gamut of blood tests revealed among lesser evils “dangerously low” iron and haemoglobin levels, as well as a very low red blood cell count and of those remaining- badly deformed. Well that explained it – no oxygen in the blood = no energy! All the pranayama in the world is of no benefit because there is nothing for the O2 to attach to in the blood. An emergency drip was set up right there in the Dr’s room and a few hours later, I returned home feeling cold but pleased that the cause to all these ‘niggles’ had been found.

Now 3 months later and 5 double-dose Iron drips later, as well as Vitamin B complex and homeopathic injections I am preparing for another blood test on Friday. What will it be – iron up to normal yet – well it doesn’t feel that way, but I suppose it is much better than before. Some noticeable differences for me are reduction of Restless Leg Syndrome, hair not falling out, slightly better memory, nails not so brittle, sleep much improved. Other symptoms comprise dizziness, tinnitus, dull headaches, never mind the pale face and skin lesions – is all this iron deficiency related? – seems so, according to research that I am doing.

What is the cause I ask myself and the doc? All the other tests have revealed no loss of internal blood, menstruation has been over for about a year and half (menopaused!), so why the low iron? He says it can only be accumulative over years of being a woman and vegetarian! I think it is because I am not assimilating iron well, as I have always eaten pretty healthily as a veg! So a whole new avenue of research opens up…

A friend suggests allowing the villi in the small intestine time to recover from any damage by going Gluten-free. That is: give up wheat, barley, rye and oats. I have never been a big bread eater, so I go for it – not so easy – I discover there are very few days that our daily diet is free of these ingredients. That muffin, croissant or even granola for breakfast; chapattis that I have expertly learned to roll and cook; barley soup (so good for the kidneys); oatmeal –cookies/crunchies/ snack bars; cous cous; pasta; etc – guess what all have gluten. What is left – rice, brown rice, millet, corn/maize (mealies we call it in South Africa) and rice cakes and corn cakes… and more rice. But rice and corn are constipating aren’t they? Never having suffered from this new malady – now I count myself in. On top of that Iron supplements are also contributing – for 10 days after each drip I cannot go! Pain and suffering – these add to the exhaustion! Tried every iron supplement available – this week I’m on Pregnancy Vitamins (they are high in iron, and surely pregnant women must be able to evacuate). Eat some meat, someone else and the doctor says…. That doesn’t work either as my digestive system cannot tolerate meat after thirty years of being vegetarian, so gave up on that one too.

Ayurveda suggests a variety of herbs – none of which are available here; Chinese Medicine suggests low blood chi (energy) – and once again meat and grain products; herbal medicine lists many herbs and vegetables which I luckily have growing in my garden so include more of these into meals and drinks. Someone says spirulina is the miracle food (algae) – and as this is in a product that I manufacture, I take some of the raw ingredient and make it into a drink with molasses and orange juice (for Vit C) every morning. Barley green is another suggestions – only the kernel contains gluten – so I incorporate some of that too.

What more can a girl do? We will see the results next week when the blood tests are analysed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yoga Meditation

On Monday 19 april 2010, we started a new Meditation 4-week Course. A group of dedicated people from all walks of life got together, for the first meeting. We had introductions and some sharing, to get to know one another better. Then launched straight into the first lesson

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the final goal of yoga practitioners - a state of inner joy and peace. It is the ultimate on the ashtanga yoga path. Patanjali, the ancient sage, writes about this in the 'Yoga Sutra' a book, which is the guide to most serious yoga practitioners.

Meditation is a most natural and rewarding human activity, but the practice has been 'forgotten' by most adults. Practised on a daily basis it produces astonishing results on all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It connects you with your inner powers of vitality, clarity and love.

Although the process of meditation can be stated simply, the actual attainment of the deepest states requires dedication and discipline. However, even a little practise of meditation will give immediate results.

Meditation is not:
- a mental escape into a state of passivity;
- a form of mental speculation;
- sluggish day dreaming.

Meditation is directing your consciousness inward - to find the source of all life's manifestations. Meditation can be seen as a tool to attain your goal. This goal can be anything worthwhile you wish to achieve or obtain. It is a goal for progress towards which body, mind and spirit are disciplined, refined, and perfected by psycho-physiological techniques, many of which provide health, relaxation, and self-mastery, quite apart from the mystical end-goal for which they are a preparation.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain Dance or Rain Prayer ?

Experiencing a heat wave is no fun when it has gone on for so long.... everything so dry, dusty and parched. Plants and veges dying and scorched from the hot sun - a result of global warming - who knows?? I remember reading a book a long, long time ago ....

In ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’, Gregg Braden describes an ancient form of prayer that has no words or outward expressions, which he got from the indigenous people of South America: When praying for rain – become the rain, feel it, experience it and become it….. This is what we did in Yoga classes the last few days and woohoo it WORKS!

In the relaxation (Savasana) after relaxing through the body, I got them to visualise themselves lying on a lush, green lawn looking up into the blue sky. Clouds began to gather and soon rain drizzled down, we felt it and enjoyed it. The rain got harder and it almost went through us filling us and we became rain....

12 hours later a soaking rain which is still pouring down (hours & hours) - so grateful, thanks, thank you Universe, deep appreciation!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yoga Morning

Saturday Yoga IntensiveAt Ananda Sanga
When: Saturday:13 Feb 2010 Start: 9.00am to 11.30am

It will be New Moon time this Saturday/Sunday. New Moon is a time to set goals, to go inward, to become more grounded. It is a time to cultivate ‘what we want more of’ in our lives; more love, more joy, greater abundance, greater peace, better health……

Get rid of those spare middle tyres? Let’s go!

In this Intensive 2½ hour class we will:
• Be going into the deep core muscles – abdominals & stabilisers
• Incorporate a new Moon Salutation vinyasa (flow) for core strength
• Be using the breath to strengthen the abs
• End the class with an Inner work meditation in Savasana
• Commune together with tea & muffins afterwards- hope you can make it.

Please book soon - for Intermediate Yogis and Courageous beginners

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tapping for Haiti

Even though the time has gone by - keep tapping for Haiti. Use the script below or create your own.... those people and the country need your input. Not to mention the Rescue workers and teams

Lots of love to All - TAP, TAP, Tap

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tapping for Haiti Disaster

The Earthquake in Haiti has stirred up many emotions within that country and for those of us who have watched and heard reports via TV & radio. Join me Friday (15 Jan2010) or Sat (16 Jan 2010) at 6.00pm SA time to do a few rounds of tapping for healing of Haitians and yourself - some ideas below:

Set Up:
KC: "Even tho the earthquake caused so much loss & destruction in Haiti, the Earth is still a beautiful place.

"Even tho the people in Haiti are suffering physically and emotionally, I choose to believe that things happen for the best.

"Even tho there is chaos in Haiti, I accept this and choose to remain peaceful and calm."

EyeBrow: The earthquake destruction in Haiti
OuterEye: People suffering in Haiti
UnderEye: Loss and Chaos in Haiti
UnderNose: Physical pain and suffering of the people in Haiti
UnderLip: Emotional pain & suffering of the people in Haiti
CollarBone: Natural disaster in Haiti
UnderArm: Massive earthquake caused suffering in Haiti
Ribcage: Anger that so many people have to die and suffer in Haiti

By releasing my negative emotions towards the disaster, I can change which will result in global change ("Be the change you want to see" - Mahatma Ghandi) - continue tapping:

EB: I choose to release my sadness for the people of Haiti
OE: I choose to release all anger for those who have suffered & died in Haiti
UE: I choose to release all grief for those who survived the loss of family & friends in Haiti
UN: I choose to release my suffering for those in Haiti
UL: I choose to be calm and peaceful for those in Haiti
CB: I choose to believe that everything happens for the best
UA: The Earth is doing her best to correct global warming
RC: May Haiti experience healing through this planetary correction.

Last round - positive statements:

EB: The Earth is a beautiful place
OE: The Earth is correcting imbalances
UE: Everything returns to peace
UN: Everything returns to harmony
UL: People's awareness increases to uplift the Earth
CB: I love this Earth
UA: I am at peace
RC: I am peaceful and calm.

May peace, joy and love prevail on Earth....