Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tapping for Haiti

Even though the time has gone by - keep tapping for Haiti. Use the script below or create your own.... those people and the country need your input. Not to mention the Rescue workers and teams

Lots of love to All - TAP, TAP, Tap

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tapping for Haiti Disaster

The Earthquake in Haiti has stirred up many emotions within that country and for those of us who have watched and heard reports via TV & radio. Join me Friday (15 Jan2010) or Sat (16 Jan 2010) at 6.00pm SA time to do a few rounds of tapping for healing of Haitians and yourself - some ideas below:

Set Up:
KC: "Even tho the earthquake caused so much loss & destruction in Haiti, the Earth is still a beautiful place.

"Even tho the people in Haiti are suffering physically and emotionally, I choose to believe that things happen for the best.

"Even tho there is chaos in Haiti, I accept this and choose to remain peaceful and calm."

EyeBrow: The earthquake destruction in Haiti
OuterEye: People suffering in Haiti
UnderEye: Loss and Chaos in Haiti
UnderNose: Physical pain and suffering of the people in Haiti
UnderLip: Emotional pain & suffering of the people in Haiti
CollarBone: Natural disaster in Haiti
UnderArm: Massive earthquake caused suffering in Haiti
Ribcage: Anger that so many people have to die and suffer in Haiti

By releasing my negative emotions towards the disaster, I can change which will result in global change ("Be the change you want to see" - Mahatma Ghandi) - continue tapping:

EB: I choose to release my sadness for the people of Haiti
OE: I choose to release all anger for those who have suffered & died in Haiti
UE: I choose to release all grief for those who survived the loss of family & friends in Haiti
UN: I choose to release my suffering for those in Haiti
UL: I choose to be calm and peaceful for those in Haiti
CB: I choose to believe that everything happens for the best
UA: The Earth is doing her best to correct global warming
RC: May Haiti experience healing through this planetary correction.

Last round - positive statements:

EB: The Earth is a beautiful place
OE: The Earth is correcting imbalances
UE: Everything returns to peace
UN: Everything returns to harmony
UL: People's awareness increases to uplift the Earth
CB: I love this Earth
UA: I am at peace
RC: I am peaceful and calm.

May peace, joy and love prevail on Earth....