Monday, March 17, 2014

Tips for the New Yoga Teacher

When asked what it takes to be a good yoga teacher,
Seane Corn, an acclaimed yoga teacher, replied:
“Having a committed personal yoga practice helps”

With that in mind here are some useful tips:

1. Remember why you are teaching yoga:
Most likely you decided to teach yoga because of YOUR love of yoga. It is up to you to impart this to your yoga pupils, so that they also develop this love of yoga.

2. Remember what yoga is:
Bringing harmony and balance to all levels of our being! Union, integration, balance!

3. Teach what you know:
Even though you may not be able to do a practice properly if you know how to teach it properly you can teach it! Be focussed while teaching. Be clear, simple and straightforward.

4. Be adaptable and prepared:
Prepare your classes ahead of time and stick to the plan, but at the same time be prepared to change or adapt something if the need arises. Have options for beginners and more practiced pupils.

5. Remember they are people, you are teaching:
They have feelings, emotions and want to feel good. Make the class about them - not you. Be engaged with your pupils. Do not get so involved in your practice in front of the class that the people are neglected or ignored.

6. Make eye contact with your pupils:
Watch students and walk around your class. If need be make soft physical contact to help correct a pose.

7. In the beginning keep it simple:
Teach asanas and pranayama that you know well yourself. As you incorporate more involved practices into your personal practice and become skilled at them, then introduce them into your class teaching. Repetition can be a good thing for newbies.

8. It’s not about you – be a light unto those attending your classes!
Ask yourself again: ‘Why am I teaching yoga?’

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