Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain Dance or Rain Prayer ?

Experiencing a heat wave is no fun when it has gone on for so long.... everything so dry, dusty and parched. Plants and veges dying and scorched from the hot sun - a result of global warming - who knows?? I remember reading a book a long, long time ago ....

In ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’, Gregg Braden describes an ancient form of prayer that has no words or outward expressions, which he got from the indigenous people of South America: When praying for rain – become the rain, feel it, experience it and become it….. This is what we did in Yoga classes the last few days and woohoo it WORKS!

In the relaxation (Savasana) after relaxing through the body, I got them to visualise themselves lying on a lush, green lawn looking up into the blue sky. Clouds began to gather and soon rain drizzled down, we felt it and enjoyed it. The rain got harder and it almost went through us filling us and we became rain....

12 hours later a soaking rain which is still pouring down (hours & hours) - so grateful, thanks, thank you Universe, deep appreciation!

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